Who Am I?

Such an existential question, that even Vance Joy sings the words,  “Who am I?”.  I am not sure you need the whole life story.  I will tell you about my musical life story.

I’m a late 70’s baby.  I remember growing up with my Dad having a record player.  He had the Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel, but he had a real passion for musicals. Not only did I hear the records, but my parents took me to see “42nd St”, “Fiddler on the Roof”, and “Cats”.

I also have two older brothers that also played a part in my musical upbringing.  My eldest brother Bill, took me to “The Who’s Tommy”, and was my chaperone to U2, when they were touring with Sugarcubes (before Bjork was just Bjork). Keep this in mind, as I was 14 (I think) at the time, and until last year the last concert I had been to!

Bill listened to Genesis, The Eagles, and U2.  My other brother Tom, was a huge fan of Van Halen and other 80s rock bands.  As Jersey folk, we listened to a lot of Bruce Springsteen.  (I’m pretty sure I ruined that CD from overusing the disc).  My brother, Tom,  was the one responsible for taking me to my 1st music concert ever! It was Aerosmith with Skid Row as an opener.

In the 80’s we also saw Guns N Roses play live when they toured with Skid Row.  And on my 13th birthday saw Motley Crue with Lita Ford as an opening act.  I was a teenage rock chick.  Leather jacket and all that!

Then the grunge revolution happened.  I remember listening to “Smells Like Teen Spirit” hundreds of times in friend’s cars.  I was a huge fan of Pearl Jam. I loved thrift store shopping for our vintage clothes and worn out flannels, wearing baggy jeans and converse.  Through so many influences of friends in my life, I heard Portishead, Tom Petty, The Fugees, and so many others that gave me a well rounded listen to music.

So back to the last concert ever.  So after my brother took me to U2, well life changed a bit.  I met my high school sweetheart, and he went away to the Navy.  Little did I know we’d be married by the time I was 20, and start a family by 23. My 20’s were not about self exploration as much as love and family. I didn’t even realize that I had loved and lost music.
Fast forward to 2017. My husband is now retired from the Navy, and we resettled to Texas; And my kids are now teenagers.  We try our best to do music appreciation in the car.  Some things catch on…..others not so popular (my daughter is NOT a fan of Hip Hop).  As they get older, I question “Who am I?” and “What do I want to experience?”.
Here in DFW, there is an independent radio station, KXT 91.7. They play indie music and things not normally played on the hit station.  Between that station and Pandora, I started discovering all sorts of new music I had never heard of.  I fell in love with Kaleo, and bought tickets to my 1st concert in nearly 24 years.  And now there is definitely a bug!  So here in this blog, I hope to share my concert going experiences, travels to music cities, and most of all…share music!


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