Where Should We Begin?: Kaleo

I started listening to KXT 91.7, when we moved to Dallas, Texas, a few years ago.  There hadn’t been an independent radio station anywhere we had lived in years, and no stations that offered up such a great line-up of newer bands and indie rock. Simultaneously,  we started using Pandora at home (I know, my husband and I are not hipsters or current).  I heard a song, on KXT, and then heard it on Pandora, too.  Intrigued, I looked into it more.  It was “All the Pretty Girls” by Kaleo.
I’m not sure exactly what it was.  Was it the beautiful falsetto singing? Was it the place in my meories that the song brought me to?  I actually thought the band had 2 singers, because there is a part where the falsetto quickly switches to a rich deepness, and I wasn’t thinking it could come from the same singer.  I started looking them up on YouTube, and came across the full in studio concert recorded on KEXP.  I was officially in love with this band.

Not only was there in fact, just one brilliant singer.  I found myself loving every single song I heard them play.  In fact my favorite song on the album “A/B”, is “Broken Bones”.  I don’t know what it was that struck such a cord.  Maybe because I felt a connection, maybe because it was so fresh, but it was the first time in a long time, that music had really hit so deep into my core. I listened to everything I could over and over.

I knew I had to see if I could see them live.  If you read my first post, you know, I hadn’t been to a concert in over 20 years (yikes, really???).  Although, I had heard they were playing in Dallas at the Untapped Festival, I couldn’t purchase tickets, and I couldn’t risk the chance of missing them.  This was SERIOUS.  I saw they were playing at Emo’s in Austin, and my husband and I made a plan to go.  We live in Dallas, and Austin is a few hours away.  It seemed like, even if dipping my toe into concert going again ended up a mistake, at least we had a little weekend away (another 1st for us!).   Little did I know that would be a life changing weekend (too dramatic???).


We drove to Austin and waited in line outside of Emo’s.  I insisted we get there early so we could get as close as possible.  As a shorty, this was VITAL.

The Wind and The Wave opened first.  I had listened to a couple covers they did on Spotify.  For Wind and the Wave this was the last show of their leg of the tour with Kaleo, and Austin is their hometown.  I didn’t know any of the music, but it was so good, I had to download their album when it was released shortly after.  I specifically love “Happiness is Not a Place” and “Really Want to Love Somebody”.

Bishop Briggs played next, and I couldn’t get over how she could sing so clearly, with that huge voice, while running around the stage.  Words cannot express how impressive this band is!  Her voice is truly gifted, and the beats are so impactful they can change your heart rhythm.  And let’s be honest, there is no way to hear “River” or “The Way I Do”, unless it is so loud, you nearly burst an eardrum.

Then of course,  ‘my band’.  Kaleo was amazing.  If I thought I was in love with the album, hearing it played live even more flawless than recorded, made the obsession real!  It was loud, it was fun, and they were amazing.  They played not only all my favorites from the album, but additional songs, that are not available to purchase.  (Is this on purpose, so like an addict, I can’t miss any opportunity to hear them live?!!?)

We had to hurry back to Dallas the next day, because we did in fact get tickets to Untapped. And I have to say, that was an incredible experience.  The way the audience was (happy, drunks??), and being outdoors, was just amazing.  I loved being able to experience them in two different ways; A club atmosphere in the music city of Austin, and in the relaxed open air of a Beer Festival at the Cotton Bowl.  In both instances, their performance was flawless and left me feeling completely satisfied.  We brought my daughter to Untapped, making it her 1st concert ever.

IMG_0248This weekend was a wake up call on so many levels:

  1. I remembered what it was like to feel the music, not just hear it.
  2. Awe inspiring to be just feet away from people you’ve been reading about, watching interviews of, and listening to non-stop for months!
  3. Realized this passion that had been buried by the responsibilities of adulthood and motherhood.
  4. There is such a thing as a concert hangover, and post concert blues.
  5. I wanted more!

We are all set to see them play again, at the Southside Ballroom in Dallas, on September 27th with ZZ Ward.  If you haven’t seen them love, I highly recommend it.


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