Add to Your Bucket List: The Bluebird Cafe

I keep referring to 2017 as my year of adventure!  In truth, this is just the beginning!  One thing on my bucket list was a girl trip.  Not only have I never really vacationed anywhere, but I have never just had a quick getaway with the girls.  In this case my good friend and daughter, came with me on a road trip to Nashville. I’m sure at some point there will be a lengthy love fest blog post describing my new obsession with this great music city, but for today, we HAVE to talk about ‘The Bluebird’.
I watch the TV show, “Nashville”.  Funny, since I am not a renowned fan of country.  I have to say though, the show introduced me to a new side of country.  I like indie folk music, and often times this can cross over with some country…..but I digress.  On the show, they always talk about “The Bluebird Cafe”.  Then while researching our trip, I saw this as a must see, and this couldn’t be more true!
The Bluebird Cafe is not what you’d expect.  It’s a little ‘cafe’ in a strip mall, and they have music acts play.  I had read on this blog, EarthTrekkers, about their experience, and how to get tickets.  They sell out fast, so you have to plan ahead or wait in line, hours before the show.
I wasn’t sure what to expect, but we sat at a table, had some food and drinks, and were ready to experience such an intimate, beautiful music experience.  The Panarts Belfast Songwriters were in town and three of our five performers were visiting from Ireland.  The other two, were Canadian transplants to Nashville.
They sat in a circle, each playing a song, and maybe telling a story or anecdote to accompany it.  The artists would comment to each other about their song, or their performance.  Seeing this camaraderie, and hearing the stories behind the music, was so special, and emotional.  I was brought to tears multiple times, to the embarrassment of my daughter!

Aidan Logan

This guy is your quintessential Irish guy!  Ahhhh the accent!  The wit! He told us he loved us several times, which of course the love is returned (P.S. I think audiences love that).  We were even able to speak to him after the show.  He sang several songs, the comical and upbeat song “Turbulence”, a beautiful song that brought me to tears, “Only Friend”.

Fiona Harte

Fiona has a beautiful voice…fragile and strong at the same time.  My favorite “Be the One (That Got Away)” came with a relate-able story, and hearing her talk about it made you ‘feel’ the song.

Kaz Hawkins

This woman was an incredible inspiration.  She was a guest in the set that I was attending, but I was so lucky to hear her perform “Because You Love Me”.  A song she said, was about her daughter growing up and leaving home.  Being there with my daughter, and knowing my last years left, raising her as my child are short, I cried my eyes out!  Gorgeous song, gorgeous woman.
She talked about now being a Grandmother, and how only in the last few years releasing her own music.  I cannot tell you, how deeply that spoke to my heart.  It is never too late to follow a new dream, and time has never passed so far by, that you can’t still achieve your dreams.
Also the most amazing rockabilly, pin up style.  I loved this woman!  I got to hug her, and chat with her after the show too.


Amazing!  Amazing! Amazing!  Amazing voice, great songs (one of hers brought me to tears too).  I think the only thing, I could even come close to complaining about, is I can’t get any of her music, as she has no released album or iTunes or Spotify of any of the songs she performed.  I wish my memory could sing them back to me.  But watch out for this woman, she is truly something special!

Victoria Banks

I loved her stories!  From getting pulled over the first time she heard one of the songs she wrote on the radio, or stories of how the songwriting process works.  This woman has had songs recorded by famous country artists, and her performances were mesmerizing.

As someone that not only likes to hear music, but is intrigued by the whole process of songwriting and the artistry of it all, this was a one of a kind experience.  I’d venture to say, that matching this experience anywhere else is near impossible.  A once in a lifetime experience, that I will never forget!


The 3 of us, waiting to get into the Bluebird Cafe.


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