Australian Obsession: Cloves, Mansionair, Amy Shark, Vera Blue, Tash Sultana, and Vance Joy

What is it in the water in Australia?  It seems like a wealth of talent and beauty coming out of this faraway land.

It’s with great sadness, I say, I have never seen any of these artists live.  However, it looks like some of these artists have started to come to the states…so maybe it could be in my future.  I did want to write about these artists though, since they have been a big part of my current music playlist, and I’d feel remiss, if I did not share this with my friends.


You may have heard her and just not known it. Her song, “Don’t Forget About Me”, was on the soundtrack for the move “You Before Me”.  I love this song, and her unusual way of forming words, and her voice is filled with emotion.  However, my favorite songs on her EP “XIII” are “Frail Love” and “Everybody’s Son”.  I highly recommend the entire EP, or the very least stopping by her website and hearing her music.


First of all, I have to say I’m a sucker for a beautiful voice, laid over some electronic beats. Mansionair fits that bill.  Jack Froggatt has an amazing falsetto, and really can take you away to a more relaxing place.  I discovered these guys watching YouTube videos of Triple J ‘Like a Version’ (highly recommend).  They sang a cover of Future Islands “Seasons (Waiting on You)”, that I would love to be able to download or stream on a playlist.  Then after digging deeper, I was completely satisfied to listen over and over to “Speak Easy”, “Easier”, “Hold Me Down”, and “Second Night”.  I love these guys, and am fairly close to convincing my husband a field trip to Australia, is needed, to be able to see them live.

Amy Shark

OK, I am super sad, that I am probably going to miss her when she plays at ACL in October.  I have a previous engagement, but I am hoping this is just the beginning of opportunities for her to play live in the U.S.. Currently, her single “Adore” is at the top of the charts in Australia.  I have lost count on how many times I have listened to this song.  Although it is a recent release, there is something about the lyrics and music that take me back to younger days, and young love.  I feel like it just cuts right into my memory bank and takes me right there! It’s incredible, the thought that an arrangement of notes and words can have such an effect on the human condition. I also really love the song “Golden Fleece“, which I can only get via You Tube, but I wish I could download!

Vera Blue

Vera Blue (aka Celia Pavey) is the 3rd artist on this list that I found through Triple J.  I think “Hold” is one of the most beautifully sung songs, I’ve heard.  Wow what a voice!  No wonder, as she was on the Voice Australia (as was previous artist Cloves a.k.a. Kaity Dunstan).  I also love the dark beats and soaring voice in “Settle“.  And although her recordings under Celia Pavey, have a different style, they are still worth listening (and downloading).  I, specifically, love “Red” and “Shadow”.

Tash Sultana

If you want to be completely blown away by sheer musical talent, you absolutely must see this link, of Tash Sultana performing “Jungle” on Triple J.  She is a modern one ‘woman’ band.  I also caught a segment of video, of her discussing her experience as a Busker.  I was fascinated with hearing about this side of music performance.

Vance Joy

I also have some serious love for Vance Joy (again, sadly sadly missing ACL).  He is far more than “Riptide”.  If you have not experienced him any further than that song, I recommend starting with “Georgia” and “Fire and the Flood”.  Also check out “From Afar”….this song really amazes me at how different it begins versus how it ends.  It’s like it flows its own journey, and even with all the change, it all goes together seamlessly.

With the exception of Vance Joy and Cloves, all these artists I have discovered by hopping down the rabbit hole of You Tube videos that “Triple J” publishes.  If you like music covers and discovering new and established artists, this is a fun you tube channel.


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