Nashville: 4 Places Not to Miss in Music City

In March, I took my close friend, and my daughter on a road trip to Nashville.  I had really been wanting to go, but my husband had no interest.  I am not a huge fan of country (not very Texan, huh?!?).  I do like folk music, and sometimes this genre can swing that way; Honky Tonk, is definitely not my jam. My husband being a hip hop, metal, and electronica fan, was pretty concerned he would hear far too much country for his taste, so he sat this one back. Enter, girl trip 2017!!!
As I’ve said on this blog, music really has completely inhabited me.  I spent weeks ahead of time curating the perfect selection of female singers for our 11 hour drive.  I mean it is a ‘girl trip’, right?  With that, we were on our way!
Here are 4 places every music lover should visit in Nashville….country lover or not.

1. Bluebird Cafe:

I won’t go into great detail here, since you probably have already read my blog post on the Bluebird (right?!?).  I will say this, tickets are really inexpensive (I think tickets were $15), and it is an intimate venue that offers a music experience like no other. They have a calendar on their site.  I looked up artists scheduled ahead of time.  Most can be heard on YouTube or Spotify, and you can determine, who may be more your cup of tea.  We went to an “In the Round”, which was truly incredible.

2. Ryman Auditorium:

This is a historic location for music in downtown Nashville. This is where Johnny Cash broke out the lights on the edge of the stage!  Tell me that isn’t Rock N Roll!  The Ryman was the home of the Grand Ol Opry from 1943-1974.  However, the Ryman still has concerts now.  Norah Jones was playing while we were there,  but unfortunately was sold out.  The building itself is gorgeous, the acoustics are supposed to be amazing. And I highly suggest the upgraded tour with a docent.  The tour was interesting not only from a music history standpoint, but also from a ‘girl power’ angle, being as Lula C. Naff ran the place for many years, far before women were CEOs.


3. Broadway Ave:

This block in Nashville is filled with bars.  It is something pretty awesome to walk down this block, bars and restaurants with their windows open so the music just wafts out to the sidewalks. I can assure you I heard far more music, than just twang and cowboy hats.  Just the ambiance alone is pretty amazing, but also hearing all these artists singing their hearts out, trying to make their dreams come to fruition.  It’s really a beautiful thing!

4. The Grand Ol Opry:

This one you need to get in the car for (if you are staying downtown).  I will say this was the MOST country of anything we did while in Nashville, but as a music lover it was still a great peek into the life of a musician. At the Grand Ol Opry, you get a guided tour and backstage access.  They talk about what it is like as an artist playing at the Opry.  You see where they have to park their own vehicles and walk in, where the dressing rooms are and what they represent, as well as being able to walk on the stage, and see where their VIP guests sit during the show, etc.  This building also has church pews like the Ryman as a tradition of the Opry. We did not catch the concert here, but I’d recommend it if you can while.  There are many shows, and not just music.  Carol Burnett was performing while we were in Nashville.

Nashville was amazing.  I think I loved that I was surrounded by people that also had music in their souls (granted about 100% of those people have more musical talent than myself).  It is also just a great compact downtown, where you can shop, eat, drink, and watch performances, and then walk back to your hotel (if you stay downtown).

Also as a travel note, the food was AMAZING.  I suggest the following, if you go:
Biscuit Love (oh my God, Bonuts!)
Frothy Monkey (best cafe there is!)
The Stillery



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