I am a music novice (down there, on the bottom of the photo).  The other two, are my husband and daughter, both of whom, have become my concert buddies.
I can’t play an instrument (something about the left and the right hand doing 2 different things).  I can’t sing (Seriously, ask anyone! And don’t ask me to sing along unless the music is REALLY loud!).  However, I do love music; almost all types of music.  And I have a renewed passion for seeing live music.
After 20 years as a military spouse, and raising kids in my 20’s, I find myself trying to find who I am, what I love, and following my passions.  I jokingly refer to it as a mid-life crisis, but really it is a renewal.

My hope is to share this blog with others, and share my experiences. And if I am super lucky, maybe I can also share the voices of some of my favorite musical artists.